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Title: A Day in the Zoo
Character/s: Daiki X OC
Author’s Note: I don’t use drugs just meds. Blame my keyboard for grammar errors.

“Hey Chibi, where are we going? You know, we have a class, right? Nozomi questioned him.
“Stop blabbering. Just…never let go of my hand.” Daiki replied back.

Just as Daiki commanded Nozomi stayed quiet the whole time.
She doesn’t know what the hell Daiki is thinking. But, she doesn’t let go of his hands. No, she probably wanted to stay that way. Maybe forever.

“A zoo?! Are you out of your mind?” Nozomi blasted while she pulled her hands against him.

“Hey.What’s wrong with a zoo? I love animals and I know you love it too.”

“No way. You don’t love them. Someone who despised insects will go to a freaking zoo?
Oh Damn….wait. A butterfly!! A butterfly behind you!”

Daiki screamed like a girl that has been harassed. A lot of people stared at them.
Being ashamed of what he has done, he grabbed Nozomi’s hand and ran like there’s no tomorrow.

“What’s with your shout, huh?” Nozomi asked the shy boy
“Just forget about it”
“Don’t wanna” She replied back in a teasing voice

Daiki pressed his lips against hers. Giving her a soft kiss.
Meanwhile, Nozomi’s cheeks became as red as a tomato. Being embarrassed infront of her lover, she gave him a soft punch on his tummy.

“What’s that for” asked the boy
“Nothing. I just suddenly wanted to do it”

They left the zoo hand in hand with a lively smile on their faces.

“Insects aren’t that bad as what I thought” Daiki said to himself.
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