Feb. 15th, 2012

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It seems like everything is back to normal after my rebellious phase that happened
last year but, hell no, i feel like I want to slam someone's head to the wall.
I've been skipping classes for the nth time already. And I feel satisfied doing that.
I'd been coming home late because I want to. I don't pass my school requirements, I don't study at all and seriously, I sleep a lot in front of my teachers while they're being talkative in class. And I want to throw daggers at my classmates and pluck their eyes out because they ARE REALLY REALLY ANNOYING AND LOUD.
Everywhere I go, I can't seem to find a quiet time wherein I can relax my mind. I guess coffee shops and le library are the best options. BUT SERIOUSLY, EVERYTHING IS BECOMING ANNOYING LATELY.
Someone give me a flight ticket to Mars and live a life there. I don't freakin' care if aliens exist. Damn. I dunno what to do anymore. Going to skip class until the end of the week and regain myself again somewhere.

PS.: I'm getting better at Midnight Maximum Tune.When I got 18, I will get my own license and drive.
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Knowing I'm depressed and all, thanks to my bestfriends and to my cousin who talked to me and gave me simple yet lovable advices.
To my cousin, you know who you are... I seriously want to thank you for the things you've done to me. I feel grateful that even you're far away from me, you made me feel better than ever.

To my friends, I knew I'd been such a bad friend. Though, you guys respected my decisions I've made. Even though our beliefs are contradicting most of the time, you guys still stayed with me during rough times. I'm not good at showing my emotions and gratitude in front of you, but I'm really really grateful to you guys. High school life would be very dull without you.

And to my OL friends, my fandom.. I love you guys! Even though you don't know me, and just met in the ever-wonderful internet world, I'd just love you all. After I graduate in college, I srsly want to meet you guys.
To my fandom, thanks to Hey!Say!JUMP for making me laugh and smile even during the rough times.

To God, I know I've been a bad kid. But I still feel your presence every millisecond of my life. Thank you:))
I promise I won't give up. Not now.


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