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Title: Keito’s Glorious Exploration
Genre: Humor
Character: Keito
Author’s Note: I don’t use drugs just meds. Blame my keyboard for grammar errors.

It was a very cold winter night. Apparently, work got cancelled because of the heavy snow.
The nothing-to-do Keito decided to open his laptop to suppress boredom.

“Ooh..What should I..wait. Igot an idea” Keito murmured to himself.

When everyone’s bestfriend, Google loaded completely on the screen, surprisingly, Keito typed his own name. Yes, his name, Okamoto Keito.

“Wow. I never thought I’m this popular outside Japan.” The English boy stated.
Being able to study and stay in England for nearly four years, he sure can comprehend English and apparently he still uses English as his language at his school in the samurai country.

“This sounds interesting. Livejournal,huh. I wonder what this page is all about.”

After twenty minutes of browsing the said website, Keito suddenly blushed.

“I..I never thought that someone will write stuffs like these. Me and Yuto…what the hell are they thinking”

“But-hey. I’m in high spirits whenever Yuto’s with me. So let them be.”

Keito closed his laptop with a wide smile in his face.
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Title: A Day in the Zoo
Character/s: Daiki X OC
Author’s Note: I don’t use drugs just meds. Blame my keyboard for grammar errors.

“Hey Chibi, where are we going? You know, we have a class, right? Nozomi questioned him.
“Stop blabbering. Just…never let go of my hand.” Daiki replied back.

Just as Daiki commanded Nozomi stayed quiet the whole time.
She doesn’t know what the hell Daiki is thinking. But, she doesn’t let go of his hands. No, she probably wanted to stay that way. Maybe forever.

“A zoo?! Are you out of your mind?” Nozomi blasted while she pulled her hands against him.

“Hey.What’s wrong with a zoo? I love animals and I know you love it too.”

“No way. You don’t love them. Someone who despised insects will go to a freaking zoo?
Oh Damn….wait. A butterfly!! A butterfly behind you!”

Daiki screamed like a girl that has been harassed. A lot of people stared at them.
Being ashamed of what he has done, he grabbed Nozomi’s hand and ran like there’s no tomorrow.

“What’s with your shout, huh?” Nozomi asked the shy boy
“Just forget about it”
“Don’t wanna” She replied back in a teasing voice

Daiki pressed his lips against hers. Giving her a soft kiss.
Meanwhile, Nozomi’s cheeks became as red as a tomato. Being embarrassed infront of her lover, she gave him a soft punch on his tummy.

“What’s that for” asked the boy
“Nothing. I just suddenly wanted to do it”

They left the zoo hand in hand with a lively smile on their faces.

“Insects aren’t that bad as what I thought” Daiki said to himself.
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Title: School Bell
Character/s: Inoo X OC
Author’s Note: I don’t use drugs, just meds. Blame my ichiban for flailing.

Its Tuesday again, but this time it is not an ordinary day.
This time of the year, girls are dedicating a lot of time to make chocolates and letters for someone they like.

“Damn. Its Valentines again. I wanna skip class~” said the tall lad.
“Then run away from them. Just like what you did last time” the girl replied back.

Kei is one or if not, the most popular boy in our school. He has the looks, the smarts, and the talents. He is near perfect, I say. So it is not uncommon for him to receive tons of love letters and chocolates from girls.

“Say, Kana. Do you have one for me?” Kei asked in a sweet voice.
“YOU?! No way! I don’t want to waste my precious time for doing something useless.” Kana blurted out while blushing.
“That’s mean of you. I mean we are bestfriends since childhood. At least give me something I can remember.”
“You know? We’re gonna be late for the class.” Kana, avoiding the topic that Kei started.

They ran in the hallway towards their classroom. Luckily the headmaster didn’t saw them or else expect that they’re going through a detention.

The first bell rang so it means that the class will start now. Everyone is glaring at them since Kei’s hand is at Kana’s cheeks while she was sleeping. He never seems to be bothered by those glares and continue his business with his princess. His head moves closer and closer towards Kana’s head as if he wanted to reach for a kiss.

“Kei Inoo. Why are you taking advantage of a girl?” his teacher scolded him.
“You completely misunderstood, Sir! I was trying to wake her up.” The shy boy replied.
Everyone in the class is laughing at him as his head turned into a tomato.

Meanwhile, Kana just woke up, and she received tons of death glares coming from the girls.

“Scary.” She thought. Knowing nothing what has happened earlier.

The bell rang for the second time which means that their break just started. The students bowed in front of their teacher as a respect. Just when the teacher dismissed the class, the girls ran wildly towards Kei leaving Kana in the room.

“Woah. These girls act like a jungle animals” Kei thought to himself.

He knows one place where ha cannot be find.

Kana caught a glimpse of a small paper in her desk.
“Meet me at the rooftop.” It was written. She doesn’t know who gave her this but her feet seems like it was dragging her automatically to the rooftop.

She felt a chill when someone hugged her from behind.

“I love you. I really do.”

She got a Goosebumps when she heard these sweet cheesy words coming from, no other than, Inoo Kei, her childhood friend.
She faced Kei and its kinda odd that there’s only two of them in the rooftop. Usually their troop will hang out with them here during breaks.
However, there’s an awkward silence after Kei told her what he is feeling for her.

“You see, Kei. I really l-….”

She was interrupted by him.

“I know.” The boy replied.

Kana suddenly froze as Kei kissed her. They stayed that way for like ten seconds or so, but for them it is the best ten seconds in their life.
The bell rang for the third time which means that their break is over. They went to their classroom while Kei is holding Kana’s hands. But then, while the teacher is discussing a long boring topic in Physics, Kana fell asleep again.
This time, Kei’s hand was at Kana’s hanging hand.

“Kei Inoo. You do like taking advantages of a girl, huh” their Physics teacher scolded him again.
“If it is Kana, then yeah. But if other girls, NO” Kei proudly told his teacher.

He wasn’t able to receive chocolates and a letter from his beloved but he was able to steal a kiss, a hug and a sweet “YES” from his princess. His Valentines celebration isn’t as bad as what he think.


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