Feb. 29th, 2012

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Title: Napes are better
Character/s: Ryutaro X OC, Yamada Ryosuke
Author’s Note: Forgive my grammar errors and blame my teddy for that.

Fireworks display. This is probably the loveliest part in a festival. This night of the year, no matter how old you are, you are definitely coming and have fun with your friends’ company. And it’s no different even for a cold-hearted boy- Ryutaro.

Ryutaro was described as a cold-hearted yet good-looking smart student. Girls dreamed of him but it’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t give a damn. For him, girls are vicious creatures.
Despite his cold attitude, he got a lot of guy friends around him but he just considers them as mere acquaintances.

However, that night he seemed like a normal shy boy. He is totally enjoying festival but one thing struck him the most.

“She looks like an angel with her yukata. No.Wait.Ryuu, you should never fell for a girl.” He murmured to himself.

His bestriend, Ryosuke noticed Ryuu’s weird behavior, as if the world is nearing the apocalypse as he saw Ryuu’s eyes were fixed to a certain girl.

“I never thought that you’re interested in her.” Ryosuke approached his friend.
“Huh? What are you saying? Me, interested to a girl? Are you drunk?” Ryuu replied back
“So, you are in the state of being in denial, naaa?!” Ryosuke said in a teasing manner

Ryuu’s face became redder, and it’s the first time you will see his face like that.

“JUST.KEEP.IT.TO.YOURSELF.” he commanded.
“Aye! Sir. Confess now before it’s too late.” Ryosuke told Ryuu as he left him in the corner.

It is nearly eleven pm, time for the fireworks show.
Ryuu grasped Kana’s hand and he dragged her to an empty corner- where no one will see them together.

“What do you need?’ asked by the confused girl.
“It is my first time doing this…” Ryuu’s heart beats faster and faster to the point that he doesn’t know what to say next.

“I like..no, I love..”
“I love you..r..your nape. I love your nape.”

Ryuu felt that stinginess of his left cheek as Kana slapped him with an intense force.

“What?! You pervert! I never thought you’re such a person. Goodbye nape-freak” Kana left the lad in anger.
She was obviously upset. She thought that Ryuu was a gentleman.
But then, she felt something warm that were tangled in her arms. The same hands who grabbed her a while ago. But this time, Ryuu gave her a tight hug.

“Sure I was nervous. It’s my first time confessing to a girl and this is the first time I experienced the thing called “love”. Ryuu told her in a soft and sweet voice that will surely make other girls flail around and fall for him more.

“Let.Me.Go” as Kana tries to let go of her hand against his.

However, Ryuu just tightened his grip more. Making Kana blushed like there’s no tomorrow.
Just when Ryuu forced Kana to face him, she felt her head turns hotter and hotter as he gave her a soft peck in her cheek making her blush more. He hugged her after that and stayed that way until the fireworks suddenly popped out in the sky.

“It‘s beautiful” Kana said in a mesmerized tone.
“You’re even more beautiful” Ryuu whispered to her ear.


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