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Looking back...
Ever since I was born, I am always being controlled by people around me. "You shouldn't do this" and "You shouldn't to that" are the words I always, always hear. My world always crumbles whenever I hear those words. It is as if my freedom was stolen away from me. It is as if, I don't have the rights to decide for myself. Not even once. Ever since I got my college diploma, I thought that maybe, just maybe, they would let me do as I pleases. Then I realized that it will be forever be a "maybe". God knows how much I hate the word "maybe". It doesn't give any assurance unlike "Yes" and "No". I will always, always be a puppet being controlled by his puppeteer. I will always, always be a person being tied to a chain with no chance of being released. I will always, always be an eagle with wings being shot down so I wouldn't be able to fly up in the sky.
Being in a situation like that, I thought that it will be better if I just end my life. It sucks, I know. I always have this suicidal tendencies but I just can't do it. In the end, I'm just a coward person being unable to do what he pleases. In the end, I'm still the old me.

To those people who gave me hope, to those people who brought me even the slightest joy known to man, those to people who brought smile to my face, to people who made me strong despite it all, a big big thanks to you. Funny how people I haven't met in real life have made a huge impact in my life. Thank you for always being there. I couldn't ask for more but here's to people who are struggling in life just like me. No matter how many light years it will take, continue to live chasing for your dreams. Be the person you are and have the courage to face even the darkest hours of your life. Live.
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